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Club Resources

Resources for clubs to use to promote and facilitate Squash Star sessions.

Squash Stars certificates

To celebrate your Squash Stars participants we have created a new certificate that comes with progress stickers that you can give to your participants each week. Certificates will come in batches of 30 and can be requested at any time.

Certificate request form

Marketing Pack

Clubs who deliver sessions during the intakes set by England Squash can apply for a marketing pack of leaflets that they can distribute to a local school. We suggest selecting one school per intake to deliver the leaflets to and then distributing at another school for your next intake. Packs will be sent out during August and January.

Apply for a marketing pack

Squash Stars session plan

To support you in delivering your sessions, use our example session plan that's full of fun and inclusive games.

View the playlist

Junior 101 resources

We are in the process of creating new Squash Stars session plans, in the meantime you can use the Junior 101 resources.

Junior 101