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About SQUASHfit

Are you chomping at the bit to return to court? Are you looking for a little extra motivation to get back in the swing of things? Then look no further than SQUASHfit, the ultimate squash boot camp from England Squash!

Starting Monday 12th April, this free five-week programme will take you and your clubmates on a strength and fitness journey to ensure you are primed, prepped and ready for your comeback to court.

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Whatever your age, fitness or playing level, SQUASHfit is completely tailored to squash players and features workouts and drills directly targeting the muscles and movement skills that are essential to on-court success.

Spread over ten sessions, England’s finest coaches - and even some top players, including Nick Matthew and Sarah-Jane Perry – will host twice-weekly online sessions to help improve your fitness, increase strength and endurance and get your body squash-ready.

We’re also offering nutritional advice from our Performance Nutritionist, Ollie Turner to help you eat like a pro, as well as warm up and warm down videos from our strength and conditioning team to keep you on court and injury-free.

The programme will include:

  • 10x 45-minute workout/blended sessions: squash-specific exercises, movements and drills delivered online by a mix of national coaches, top class athletes and England Squash’s Strength and Conditioning coach every Monday and Thursday from 6pm.
  • Eat Like A Pro advice and weekly recipes: nutrition tips and recipes from England Squash Performance Nutritionist Ollie Turner to aid your health, fitness and match recovery.
  • Warm-up and warm-down injury prevention videos: demonstrated by England Squash Strength and Conditioning coach, Nathan to support match play.

A structured fitness programme tailored to on-court skills and endurance, access to professional coaches, players and specialists – what’s not to love?

So, dust off your rackets, clear your diaries and join the squash community up and down the country as we prepare to return to the courts with a bang. Let’s get squash-ready together!

Register now for session 10

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