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SQUASHfit toolkit for clubs & venues

As clubs and venues prepare to reopen their doors this spring, we're launching SQUASHfit on 12th April, a five-week online boot camp delivered by England's finest coaches and players to help your players get squash-ready in the return to play.

This toolkit provides you with everything you need to promote SQUASHfit on your website, social media and email channels and inspire your players to get squash-ready. Over the coming days and weeks we'll be adding more content.

About SQUASHfit

  • What: A free five-week online squash boot camp delivered by England's finest coaches and players twice each week. Consists of ten 45-minute workout/blended sessions featuring workouts and drills directly targeting the muscles plus movement skills that are essential to on-court success. There's also nutritional advice to help players eat like a pro plus warm-up and warm down demonstration videos to help prevent injury.
  • When: Live sessions every Monday and Thursday starting 12 April from 6-6:45pm. Available on demand here.
  • Who it's for: players of any age, fitness or playing level.
  • Where: Zoom (Sessions 1,2 and 3 can be done at home or on court but we recommended being on court for sessions 4-10)
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Line-up: Host: Lee Drew (National Junior Coach). Coaches: David Campion (National Coach), Nathan Wells (S&C Coach), Tania Bailey (High Performance Coach), Paul Carter (High Performance Coach), Josh Taylor (National Performance Coach). Players: Sarah-Jane Perry, Nick Matthew, Patrick Rooney plus many more! See line-up.
  • How to book: Book on to all ten sessions now via Zoom

SQUASHfit logo

SQUASHfit promotional graphics

Download graphics for website, social media and newsletters:

SQUASHfit promo video

Download the SQUASHfit video to promote across your channels:

Download: Twitter/Facebook | Insta

Suggested social media posts

We've put together some suggestions for your social media posts but feel free to create your own. Use these alongside one of the graphics above. Don't forgot to use hashtags: #squashfit and #courtcomeback, and tag in England Squash on Insta | Facebook | Twitter.

  • Prepare for your comeback to court with SQUASHfit - a free five-week online boot camp from England Squash to get you squash-ready. Starts 12.04.21. More info: #squashfit #courtcomeback
  • Join England's finest coaches and players for SQUASHfit - a five-week online boot camp from England Squash to improve fitness, increase strength and endurance and get your body squash-ready. Starts 12.04.21. More info: #squashfit #courtcomeback
  • Looking for a little extra motivation to get back in the swing of things? Then look no further than SQUASHfit, the ultimate squash boot camp from England Squash! Starts 12.04.21. More info: #squashfit #courtcomeback